BoB, short for Bitcoin Organization Builder, is envisioned as a premier tool for facilitating organizational finance through the Bitcoin blockchain.
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BoB v0.1

Bitcoin-based Organization Builder

BoB focuses on enhancing organizational finance via the Bitcoin blockchain, promoting security, transparency, and efficiency:

  • Transparency: Utilizes the Bitcoin mainnet for an open, verifiable transaction record, ensuring visibility for authorized stakeholders.
  • Security: Emphasizes strong security with multi-signature authorization, time-locked contracts, and a Masterkey system for secure signature management, potentially accessible via a mobile app.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines financial processes through automated scripts, facilitating complex wallet systems for agile fund management.

BoB leverages Bitcoin's strengths to optimize financial operations, providing a secure and transparent platform for organizational finance.

Define the functionalities: wallet management, transaction scripting, and multi-signature processes image

How it works

BoB is designed to provide a suite of Bitcoin-based tools for organizational use, focusing on:

  • Wallet Management: Offers hierarchical wallet management, enabling address generation, balance monitoring, and transaction history tracking, ensuring HD standards compatibility.

  • Transaction Scripting: Automates Bitcoin transactions with scripting to simplify complex transactions like batch processing and automatic fund redistribution based on predefined rules.

  • Multi-Signature Processes: Incorporates multi-signature authorization to enhance security, requiring multiple approvals for transactions, and supports various organizational governance models with flexible multi-signature setups.

Description paper: BoBv0.1.2 image

Complete diagram of the system components image