A Nostr client that makes relays a first-class concept
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What is this?

Coracle is a web client for the Nostr protocol focused on pushing the boundaries of what's unique about nostr, including relay selection and management, web-of-trust based moderation and content recommendations, and privacy protection. Check it out at coracle.social.

If you like Coracle and want to support its development, you can donate sats via Geyser.


  • Threads/social
  • Profile search using NIP-50
  • Login via extension, nsecbunker, and pubkey
  • Profile sharing via QR codes
  • NIP 05 verification
  • NIP 65 relay selection and NIP 32 relay reviews
  • NIP 89 app recommendations
  • NIP 32 labeling and recommendations
  • NIP 99 classifieds
  • NIP 52 calendar events
  • NIP 87 closed groups
  • NIP 72 communities
  • NIP 89 client tag support
  • NIP 32 labeling and collections
  • Private group calendars and listings
  • Cross-posting between communities and main feed
  • Bech32 entity search and scan
  • Mention, reply, and reaction notifications
  • Direct messages - NIP 04 and NIP 24
  • Note composition with mentions and topics
  • Content warnings, mute, and keyword mute
  • Profile pages, follow/unfollow, follow/follower count
  • Thread muting, collapse thread
  • Invoice, quote, mention, link, image, and video rendering
  • Installable as a progressive web app
  • Integrated media uploads via NIP 96
  • Lightning zaps and reactions
  • Feeds customizable by person, relay, and topic using NIP-51
  • AUTH (NIP-42) support for closed relays
  • Multiplextr support for reducing bandwidth
  • Profile and note metadata
  • White-labeling support
  • NIP 51 person lists
  • Exports/imports of user events
  • User profile editing
  • NIP XX encrypted read receipts for notifications
  • Topic and relay feeds
  • Onboarding workflow
  • Multi-account support
  • Notifications view

You can find a more complete changelog here.

Run Coracle locally:

  • Clone the project repository: git clone https://github.com/coracle-social/coracle.git
  • Navigate to the project directory: cd coracle
  • Install dependencies: yarn
  • Customize configuration in .env (optional, see below)
  • Start the development server: yarn dev


Coracle is intended to be fully white-labeled by groups of various kinds. The following environment variables can be set in .env.local to customize Coracle's appearance and behavior:

  • VITE_DARK_THEME and VITE_LIGHT_THEME are comma-separate lists of key/value pairs defining theme colors.
  • VITE_DVM_RELAYS is a comma-separated list of relays to use when making requests against DVMs.
  • VITE_SEARCH_RELAYS is a comma-separated list of relays to use when using NIP 50 search.
  • VITE_DEFAULT_RELAYS is a comma-separated list of relays to use as defaults/fallbacks.
  • VITE_DEFAULT_FOLLOWS is a comma-separated list of hex pubkeys to fetch content from when the user isn't following anyone.
  • VITE_ONBOARDING_LISTS is a comma-separated list of kind:30003 person lists to populate onboarding with.
  • VITE_NIP96_URLS is a comma-separated list of default upload providers.
  • VITE_IMGPROXY_URL is an imgproxy instance url for protecting user privacy and reducing bandwidth use.
  • VITE_DUFFLEPUD_URL is a Dufflepud instance url, which helps Coracle with things like link previews and image uploads.
  • VITE_PLATFORM_ZAP_SPLIT is a decimal between 0 and 1 defining the default zap split percent.
  • VITE_PLATFORM_PUBKEY is the pubkey of the platform owner. This gets zapped when using the platform zap split.
  • VITE_FORCE_GROUP is an optional kind:34550 or kind:35834 address. If provided, the home page of Coracle will be the home page for the group, and most views will be filtered down to the group's scope.
  • VITE_PLATFORM_RELAYS is an optional comma-separated list of relay urls to use for feeds. If provided, most UI components related to relay selection will be hidden from the user.
  • VITE_ENABLE_ZAPS can be set to false to disable zaps.
  • VITE_APP_NAME is the app's name.
  • VITE_APP_URL is the app's url. Used to generate open graph meta tags.
  • VITE_APP_LOGO is the path for the app's logo relative to the public directory, starting with a leading slash. Used to generate favicons and manifest.
  • VITE_APP_WORDMARK_DARK and VITE_APP_WORDMARK_LIGHT are paths for the app's wordmark relative to the public directory, starting with a leading slash.
  • VITE_APP_DESCRIPTION is the app's description.
  • VITE_CLIENT_NAME is the client's name. Only change this if you have forked Coracle.
  • VITE_CLIENT_ID is the client's NIP 89 handler id. Only change this if you have forked Coracle.
  • VITE_BUGSNAG_API_KEY is your bugsnag api key.
  • VITE_BUILD_HASH can be set during build to indicate the software version on the about page.
  • VITE_LOG_LEVEL can be set to info, warn, or error. This controls how much shows up in the console.
  • VITE_ENABLE_MARKET can be set to false to disable the marketplace tab.

See .env for default values.