A Nostr browser in Clojure.
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A desktop client for the nostr protocol.


To provide a pragmatic tool for communicating over the nostr protocol.


No Fluff. Just Stuff (To borrow a phrase). No fancy colors or glitter, no doo-dads, bells, or whistles. Just a simple way to scan, read, and compose messages.

Open Source

Help Wanted! If you feel like contributing, I'll be happy to entertain your pull requests. Make sure you write tests for the code you write, and follow the conventions I've started here.


  • Language: Clojure
  • Builder: Leiningen
  • GUI: SeeSaw
  • Tester: speclj

How to run

Sample commands for Debian:

sudo apt install clojure leiningen openjdk-17-jdk

git clone https://github.com/unclebob/more-speech
cd more-speech

lein run project.clj

For more

Read the wiki.