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A multiplatform nostr client. Works on android and desktop

Alpha! WIP!


The desktop client is called notedeck:



Look it actually runs on android!


You can customize the columns by passing them as command-line arguments. This is only for testing and will likely change.

$ ./target/release/notedeck "$(cat queries/timeline.json)" "$(cat queries/notifications.json)"

Developer Setup

Desktop (Linux/MacOS, Windows?)

First, install nix if you don't have it.

The shell.nix provides a reproducible build environment, mainly for android but it also includes rust tools if you don't have those installed. It will likely work without nix if you are just looking to do non-android dev and have the rust toolchain already installed. If you decide to use nix, I recommend using direnv to load the nix shell environment when you cd into the directory.

If you don't have direnv, enter the dev shell via:

$ nix-shell

Once you have your dev shell setup, you can build with this command:

$ cargo run --release 


The dev shell should also have all of the android-sdk dependencies needed for development, but you still need the aarch64-linux-android rustup target installed:

$ rustup target add aarch64-linux-android

To run on a real device, just type:

$ cargo apk run --release

Android Emulator

  • Install Android Studio
  • Open 'Device Manager' in Android Studio
  • Add a new device with API level 34 and ABI arm64-v8a (even though the app uses 30, the 30 emulator can't find the vulkan adapter, but 34 works fine)
  • Start up the emulator

while the emulator is running, run:

cargo apk run --release

The app should appear on the emulator


You can preview individual widgets and views by running the preview script:

./preview RelayView
./preview ProfilePreview
# ... etc

When adding new previews you need to implement the Preview trait for your view/widget and then add it to the src/ui_preview/main.rs bin:

previews!(runner, name,


Configure the developer environment:


This will add the pre-commit hook to your local repository to suggest proper formatting before commits.