• v0.1.21 ccd98bef1b

    v0.1.21 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-10-18 15:14:13 +00:00 | 1085 commits to main since this release


    • Add gradients to iris.to domain
    • Render referenced kind-3 (ContactList) as pubkey list
    • List feed page renders the posts of a given list /list-feed/{naddr-of-nip51-list-or-nevent-of-kind3}
    • Respond to AUTH when expected (Requesting DM's/GiftWrap)
    • Show reply counts on threads
    • Quote Repost
    • Signature checks can be enabled in preferences
    • NIP-98 auth for void.cat / nostr.build file uploaders
    • Add E tag for direct replies
    • File upload progress bar (void.cat only)
    • Long form modal for deck layout (WIP still)
    • Video thumbnails using ImgProxy
    • Renew subscriptions for X months
    • Tailwind CSS migration @mmalmi
    • Seasonal features
    • Profile cards on hover for mentions
    • Dropdown search results on search bar @mmalmi
    • Renew subscription task on task list


    • Disable highligher.js code blocks (for now)
    • Removed "Popular Accounts" from new user flow, replaced with "Snort Devs" only
    • Moved "Show Preview" on note creator to preview toggle switch
    • Premium subscription renamed to PRO
    • Limit images in posts to 800px high
    • Nostrplebs colors removed


    • Use correct hostname when submitting analytics
    • Disable WASM when not supported on device
    • Typo on "Nostr Address" in account settings
    • Hide expired user status on profiles
    • Hide muted dm chats
    • Hide blocked replies