• v0.1.16 87f279bd77

    v0.1.16 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-09-26 08:51:41 +00:00 | 21 commits to main since this release


    • Login bugs
  • v0.1.15 2f20b90dd9

    v0.1.15 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-09-25 13:27:20 +00:00 | 23 commits to main since this release


    • User status on profile pages (Music only [NIP-38])
    • Following mark on avatars, if you follow the pubkey you will see a green tick on their avatar
    • Pin encryption, encrypted private key storage for nsec login
    • Pubkey (readonly) logins hide buttons which cannot be used (reactions, reply, save profiles, dms etc)
    • Muted words feature (phase 1)
    • NIP-28 public chats


    • Styles changes for Content warnings
    • Live stream embed styles
    • Cashu token embed styles
    • Snort Deck thread navigation in modal from timeline
    • PoW miner moved to WASM module for faster hashing


    • Profile link to dms
    • Long form content loading and replies
    • Search function restored
  • v0.1.14 34cb12fc95

    v0.1.14 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-09-14 20:35:08 +00:00 | 91 commits to main since this release


    • Timeline cache: faster page loads and much lower data usage
    • WASM module: Some code moved to Rust WASM module for faster execution
    • Zap Splits: NIP-57.G
    • New Languages:
      • Finnish
      • Dutch
      • Portuguese Brazilian


    • Count polls by pubkey
  • v0.1.13 c7ae0e8319

    v0.1.13 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-08-29 14:11:35 +00:00 | 153 commits to main since this release


    • Snort V2 Design
    • NIP-24 Encrypted secret chats (nsec login only)
    • NIP-13 Proof of Work (POW)
    • NIP-31 Alt tag spec for unknown event kinds
    • Render mentioned zap goals (Kind 9041)
    • Embed fonts in src (No more google fonts requests)
    • Native key storage for Android app (Nip7os interface)
    • Swahili translations
    • Thai translations


    • PWA pre-cache setup (Faster PWA loading)
    • Show note creator button on profile pages


    • Umlauts in urls
    • Reject events which don't match request filter
  • v0.1.12 8500dee24f

    v0.1.12 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-08-05 21:28:54 +00:00 | 215 commits to main since this release


    • nsecBunker support (connection string bunker://<pubkey>?relay=wss://realy.com[#token])


    • New snort logo by Bitko
    • Infinite scroll changed to manual action (temperarily to fix performance issues)


    • Note to self containing all DMS
    • Media spotlight disabled for poll options containing images
    • Badge image sizes oversize when bypassing imgproxy due to loading error
  • v0.1.11 7c2340d7fb

    v0.1.11 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-07-04 10:57:43 +00:00 | 236 commits to main since this release


    • @snort/system package
    • @snort/system-react package
    • Live streaming page (NIP-102)
    • Chat system refactor (adding new chat systems much easier now, NIP-29 first candidate)
    • NIP-29 simple group chat support


    • Profile links with incorrect hrp fixed in some places
    • naddr event loading fixed
    • Relay specific requests fixed (Global tab / Search page)
    • NWC connection responds to AUTH requests now


  • v0.1.10 28052e98b9

    v0.1.10 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-06-16 11:16:16 +00:00 | 288 commits to main since this release


    • Gossip model, query follows write relays for events
    • @snort/system NPM package containing Snort core nostr code
    • NIP-44 Encryption scheme support
    • NIP-59 Gift Wrap support


    • Unmarked thread events replies out of order


  • v0.1.9 203f5f2841

    v0.1.9 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-06-01 09:12:30 +00:00 | 338 commits to main since this release


    • Discover tab, shows trending users/posts from nostr.build
    • New DM styles
    • Mentioned Zapstr tracks are previewed on Snort with player
    • Custom emoji rendering in posts (NIP-30)
    • Lanaguage selector on new user flow
    • ZapPool, support nostr ecosystem by donating a percentage of your zaps
    • Alby NWC link added to NWC connect page
    • SemisolDev follow recommendations on Discover tab
    • Pubkey lists (NIP-51) render inline when mentioned in notes
    • Persian language
    • OpenGraph Image/Video media rendered inside link preview box
    • Option to zap everybody on mentioned pubkey list
    • L402 support for inline media (paywall content)


    • Error page shows actual error message now, also a button to reset app cache
    • Massivly improved profile loading
    • Improved JS bundle size by ejecting CRA and using dynamic modules
    • Switched to @void-cat/api package for void.cat uploads
  • v0.1.8 b470d2fd14

    v0.1.8 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-05-14 16:29:27 +00:00 | 434 commits to main since this release


    • Tamil Language support
    • Quoted notes are rendered embedded
    • Multi-account support for subscribers
    • Zapper key loading processing in background to speed up profile loading
    • Export keys page added to settings
    • NIP-94 support for rendering quoted file metadata events
    • Interactions cache (zaps/likes/reports) for better UX
    • Full screen image/video previews in modal
    • Re-broadcast own events dialog
    • Nostr wallet connect support
    • Cashu token parsing preview with redeem link
    • Trending notes/people tabs added to search page


    • Profile page loads only 200 latest notes, improving profile load times for accounts with less activity
    • New user flow has been tweaked to be shorter with NIP5 & Twitter import steps removed


    • Thread navigation without page reload
    • NIP-42 functionality restored
    • a tagged kind 1 replies render properly under root event

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/v0l/snort/compare/v0.1.7...v0.1.8

  • v0.1.7 664d4bf976

    v0.1.7 Stable

    v0l released this 2023-04-18 10:43:00 +00:00 | 543 commits to main since this release


    • Per event zap targets by @v0l
    • Content warning (NIP-36) support by @v0l
    • Polls (NIP-69) by @v0l
    • Snort subscriptions by @v0l
    • NIP-94 File header support by @v0l
    • Link previews by @ghobs91 & @v0l
    • Cmd+Enter to post note by @v0l
    • nostr: links (NIP-27) by @v0l
    • Tending users on Search page by @ghobs91 & @v0l


    • Paste image upload by @vivganes
    • Note creator note preview by @v0l
    • Login private key input masking by @vivganes


    • Fix note creator closing on thread when new replies load by @SamSamskies
    • Follow hashtag tab highlighting by @SamSamskies
    • Language dropdown defaults to Arabic by @vivganes
    • Bookmarks showing reactions by @vivganes
    • Single zapper on note only shows name by @vivganes
    • Broken link previews show empty box by @vivganes
    • Render jfif images by @v0l

    PR List

    New Contributors

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/v0l/snort/compare/v0.1.6...v0.1.7