• v0.1.23 365031516d

    v0.1.23 Stable

    Kieran released this 2023-11-23 14:41:31 +00:00 | 958 commits to main since this release



    • DeepL translate api (Automatic for PRO subscribers)
    • Add nostr:nprofile1qqsydl97xpj74udw0qg5vkfyujyjxd3l706jd0t0w0turp93d0vvungfgfewr to contributors
    • Proxy LN address type enabled on Nostr Address settings pages
    • Infinite scrol on notifications page
    • Default 0.5% ZapPool rate for Snort donation address
    • Collect relay metrics in @snort/system for better relay selection algo in Outbox Model (NIP-65)
    • New sign up / login flow!
      • Topics / Mute words on sign up for easier onboarding
    • Drag & Drop for uploads on note creator - nostr:nprofile1qqs8tchhwf5smv3r2g0vkswz58c837uu456x59m3dh380gtrhqzydeqz4wlka
    • Mixin topics (hashtags) into timeline feed
    • Language specific trending posts
    • Show following info for hashtags
    • Sync preferences to network (NIP-78 support)
    • Trending hashtags page
    • Note creator hashtag input
    • Top trending hashtags on note creator
    • Social Graph - nostr:nprofile1qqsy2ga7trfetvd3j65m3jptqw9k39wtq2mg85xz2w542p5dhg06e5qpr9mhxue69uhhyetvv9ujuumwdae8gtnnda3kjctv9uh8am0r
    • New users relay list based off "close" relays
    • NIP-96 support for nostr native image/file uploaders
    • Write replies/reactions to p tagged users read relays (Outbox model)
    • Sync joined public chats (NIP-28) using PublicChatList kind 10_005


    • Read/Write relays only on kind 10_002 (NIP-65)
    • Removed nostr.watch code for adding new users to random relays
    • Render kind 10_002 on profile relays tab
    • @snort/system using eventemitter3 for triggering events
    • Use latest NIP-51 spec (Bookmarks/Interests/NIP-28 PublicChatList)
    • nreq support (Demo)
    • Write profile/relays to blasters
    • @snort/system automated outbox model (automatic fetching of relay metadata)


    • Upgrade ephermal connection to non-ephemeral
    • Remove relay tag from zaps (Some zap services dont support it)
    • Fix zap parsing for goals
    • Remove extra chars from quoted events to fix loading ('s etc)
    • CSS Fixes for profile card on light theme
    • Zap counting on replacable events
    • NIP-28 chats loading
    • Overflowing modal UI
    • Live stream widget layout with long titles
    • Notifications marker has returned from its long slumber